Belyi Nobel Kubwayo

CEO at Free Tech Institute, Belyï Nobel is an economist passionate about economics applied to IT. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics with a specialty in Management and Administration of companies and non-governmental organizations from the University of Burundi.

He holds several certificates including two issued by Atlas Network ( in Think Thank Foundation and Marketing & Communication respectively, a certificate issued by Internet Society ( in Confidentiality, other certificates have issued by Students For Liberty ( and NonprofitReady (

He has worked with several international organizations since 2017 including Students For Liberty, EmergleadAfrican Rebirth, Atlas Network, IEEE(, Internet Society, etc.

He is an influential young person, in November 2021, he was selected by a commission of the presidency of the Republic of Burundi to represent young people within the National Forum on Economic Development of Burundi(, a forum which brought together senior executives and intellectuals of the country to seek ways to develop Burundi.

He likes spending his holidays in the countryside disconnected from the internet, lol.