Burundi SecureNet Summit: A call for digital security in a connected world

On October 20th, Free Tech Institute orchestrated a pivotal event commemorating World Encryption Day – the “SecureNet Summit” held at Martha Hotel in Bujumbura. This transcendent gathering brought together decision-makers, politicians, academics, civil society representatives, entrepreneurs, and computer science students, all united by a shared interest in online security and governmental perspectives.

In his opening address, the Executive Director of Free Tech Institute unequivocally outlined the event’s crucial objective: to raise awareness about the significance of encryption in our ever-evolving digital landscape, under the overarching theme, “Strengthening Digital Security for a Connected Future.”

The event was punctuated by two panels. The first, centered around “Challenges and Opportunities of Encryption,” assembled distinguished experts, including the head of IT services at ARCT, researcher Oscar RWASA, and ICT engineer DJUMA Don Diallo.

The second panel, moderated by Engineer Élodie ISHIMWE, delved into “Digitalization of Businesses: Advantages and Challenges,” featuring contributions from Professor Désiré Louis NIZIGIYIMANA, collaborating lawyer Florence KANKINDI, and Executive Director Belyï Nobel KUBWAYO.

Key Panel Recommendations:

Mr. RWASA underscored the imperative of cybersecurity, cautioning against the costly repercussions of breaches. His indispensable recommendations encompass prioritizing cybersecurity, continuous learning of best practices, online vigilance, and collaboration between businesses and individuals to fortify digital security.

Professor NZEYIMANA lauded digital evolution, emphasizing encryption’s pivotal role as the cornerstone of this connected world. He advocated for direct and secure communication channels, devoid of intermediaries.

Confronting the current legal void on cybercrime, Mrs. KANKINDI proposed immediate measures, endorsing investment in secure software solutions and the utilization of antivirus as the primary line of defense.

Mr. MUCOWIMANA, representing ARCT( Agence de Régulation et de Contrôle de Sécurité) , highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance cybersecurity, demonstrating the government’s commitment to evolving with laws and fortifying resources against cybercrime.

In conclusion, the SecureNet Summit provided a platform where enlightened minds shared crucial perspectives, equipping us to navigate securely in this digital realm with diverse opportunities and challenges.


Editor-in-chief of Free Tech Institute

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